Increasing Business Revenue

Wilkinson Law LLC represents companies looking to increase their business's revenue through transactions with vendors, suppliers, and their own clients and customers. The firm understands that negotiating business-to-business contracts with clear and favorable provisions is essential both to increasing a company's revenue and decreasing the likelihood of costly litigation over ambiguous terms.

Attorney Anthony Wilkinson has a background in engineering as well as in business and technology law. His depth of experience in these areas uniquely qualifies him to understand his clients' businesses and the industries in which they operate. Wilkinson Law LLC drafts and reviews service contracts, product supply contracts, consulting agreements, and employment contracts, equipment leases, and other contracts and related documents.

The firm has served clients in numerous industries, including:

  • Insurance
  • Architecture
  • Information Technology
  • Retail
  • Telecommunications
  • Food Services Franchising
  • Chemical Manufacturing
  • Medical Device Development
  • Medical Practice
  • Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Publishing
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Real Estate Investing

Representative Projects

In commercial transactions, it is often said, "the devil is in the details." The specific terms of a company's agreements with vendors, customers, and clients have a profound impact on the revenue those transactions can save or generate for the business. The services of an attorney who is familiar with your company and industry and well-versed in the applicable state and federal law is a wise investment.

Wilkinson Law LLC has represented clients in a variety of transactions designed to increase business revenue, including reviewing and negotiating:

  • Technology distribution agreements for international companies
  • Trademark and patent license agreements
  • Consulting agreements for physicians
  • Website and media services agreements
  • Product development agreements
  • Distribution agreements
  • Joint ventures
  • Executive employment agreements
  • Vendor agreements for manufacturing processes
  • Marketing agreements
  • Product supply agreements
  • Public-private partnership agreements for services in the defense industry
  • Master consulting agreements with complex statements of work

Experienced Support for Commercial Transactions

Attorney Anthony Wilkinson has years of experience advising businesses of all sizes in a wide range of industries, from manufacturing to marketing to professional services. He excels at identifying potential areas of contention and mutually agreeable resolutions. His in-depth comprehension of business relationships allows him to negotiate legal agreements that enhance revenue for commercial and professional clients. To learn more about the firm's services, please contact Wilkinson Law LLC to schedule a consultation.