Representative Projects

Fund Your Business

Wilkinson Law's work to Fund Your Business has included:

Establishing multiple interrelated companies in a multi-tiered franchise development business
Drafting, negotiating and closing an asset purchase agreement to acquire a business for a buyer in the building construction and design industry
Drafting multiple operating agreements for closely-held limited liability companies
Drafting documents to effect a restructuring of ownership of entities among multiple family members
Drafting agreements for a founders’ round of investment in medical technology companies
Preparing documents for the formation of a Delaware corporation
Establishing Delaware corporations for foreign investors
Representing a foreign buyer in acquiring a pharmaceutical manufacturing company
Providing advice as local counsel to the foreign seller of a U.S. subsidiary
Reviewing and drafting convertible promissory notes for an angel investor to contribute capital to a delivery services company
Reviewing investment documents for an angel investor to acquire an interest in a social media company
Reviewing investment documents for an angel investor to acquire an interest in a group of healthcare companies
Reviewing the stock purchase agreement and related transaction documents for an angel investor to acquire shares in a manufacturer of industrial products
Performing a due diligence review of the legal issues relating to corporate assets and agreements
Performing a due diligence review of the legal issues relating to corporate structure and formation of multiple related business entities
Reviewing terms for the acquisition of a medical practice

Grow Your Business

Wilkinson Law's work to Grow Your Business has included:

Technology distribution agreements for international companies
Trademark and patent license agreements
Consulting agreements for physicians
Website and media services agreements
Product development agreements
Distribution agreements
Joint ventures
Executive employment agreements
Vendor agreements for manufacturing processes
Marketing agreements
Product supply agreements
Public-private partnership agreements for services in the defense industry
Master consulting agreements with complex statements of work

Dissolving a group of affiliated companies in the healthcare products industry
Negotiating a licensor’s termination of license agreements for marketing consumer products
Negotiating a licensee’s termination of a patent license agreement
Negotiating the termination of consulting agreements
Negotiating the termination of an entertainment services contract
Renegotiating executive compensation agreements
Drafting separation and release of claims agreements for executive employees
Advising clients regarding corporate restructuring involving both foreign and domestic companies
Advising clients regarding restructuring multiple affiliated companies
Negotiating the early termination of commercial leases

Protect Your Business

Wilkinson Law's work to Protect Your Business has included:

Review of corporate formation documents, bylaws, and resolutions
Negotiation and review of operating agreements
Review of non-competition and non-disclosure agreements
Advising stockholders regarding disputes with other owners of closely-held businesses
Negotiation and review of employment agreements, including executive employment agreements
Review of commercial real estate leases
Performing statutory, regulatory and case law research to advise clients on potential liability exposure
Comprehensive review and update of contracts between a company and its suppliers, service providers, employees and customers
Comprehensive review and restructuring of the corporate status, structure and ownership of a group of family-owned businesses

Sell Your Business

Over the years, we have gained in-depth knowledge about acquisitions.  We have experience with buying and selling many types of companies, including these ten examples:

A business selling technology services to facilitate online education
A business selling medical devices used for cosmetic surgery
A hair salon
A business offering websites for finding and booking travel arrangements
A military defense technology contractor
A company offering IT consulting services
A company selling children’s toys
A pizzeria
A dentist’s office
A marina