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DEFT Business Sale Service(TM) Dependable communication. Efficient process. Fixed fee legal services. Trustworthy assistance.


We guarantee you that you won’t be charged more than you expect because we won't ever charge you by the hour. It will always be a fixed fee.

A “free day" is the value of one day based on the number of days from the start to the conclusion of the project. It will be refunded to the same credit card you used to pay the fixed fee.

If we’re to blame for not delivering something when we said we would, then each business day late is a free day.

If we don't respond to your email by the next business day, every business day late is a free day.

We Get It

At Wilkinson Law, we know you want to sell your business and reap the reward of your years of hard work. In order to accomplish that goal you need a lawyer. It’s perfectly reasonable for you to want to know how much it's going to cost. The problem is that lawyers charge by the hour, which makes you feel like you're at their mercy when it comes to the final bill.

We believe you should never have to suffer that kind of anxiety just to obtain the help you need.

We understand the shock and the pain of receiving an invoice that is far more than you ever expected to pay a lawyer.

That's why we offer fixed fee legal services along with dependable communication, an efficient process and trustworthy assistance.

So hire Wilkinson Law to help you sell your business. Stop shopping for the firm with the lowest hourly fees because no matter how low the rate, they can always find a way to bill you enough hours to put their child through a year of college!

Hire Wilkinson Law and you'll have the peace of mind you need on the road to selling your business. You'll be able to focus on the important issues, like your workers, your customers and keeping the buyer at the table. Most importantly, that peace of mind will help you see the light at the end of the tunnel — that bright future just beyond the closing.

Dependable Communication

Regularly Scheduled Weekly Phone Meetings Unlimited Responses to Emails Responses to Emails Guaranteed by the Next Business Day Extensive Use of Questionnaires to Frame Issues and Gather Information Electronic Exchange and Execution of Documents

Unexpected Huge Invoices. Unreturned Calls. Unmet Promises.

What Kind of Service Will You Settle For?

Anthony doesn’t it when that happens to him, and he won’t let it happen to you.

Anthony has hired attorneys for his own business projects. He knows what it feels like to receive an invoice for far more than he ever expected to pay a lawyer to perform work.

Anthony can’t stand it when that happens to him, and he won’t let it happen to you.

Anthony has felt the frustration of contacting attorneys and accountants who don’t respond promptly to phone calls and emails. Don’t they even care about me?

Anthony hates it when that happens to him, and he won’t let it happen to you.

Anthony knows the disappointment of making plans dependent upon a professional doing what they said they would do when they said they would do it. He builds the road and expects the professionals to have the bridge completed by the time he gets there. And when it’s not, well, the project just plummets into the dark chasm of lost time, money and resources.


Did attorney graduate from a top law school?

Does your attorney have decades of experience?

Ask Anthony Wilkinson and every answer will be YES!!

Is your attorney recognized as an authority on business law issues?

Will your attorney be one of the smartest persons at the table?

Has your attorney represented clients worth hundreds of millions of dollars?

What’s Included?

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Scheduled Weekly Phone Call

Up to 30 min

Up to 90 min

Up to 120 min

Additional Communication By

Emails Only

Emails and Voicemails

Emails, Voicemails and Phone Calls

Seller Financing


Secured by Personal Assets of Buyer

Creative Seller Financing

Site Lease Issues


1 Lease

Multiple Leases

Intellectual Property Registrations


1 Registration

Multiple Registrations





Post-Closing Escrow




Working Capital Adjustment





Electronic Exchange of Signed Documents

Electronic Exchange of Signed Documents

In Person

(COVID-19 Protocols)

What's Not Included?

Preparation of Purchase Agreement

Review, negotiation or preparation of legal documents not solely between the Buyer and the Seller

If this work is requested, it will be offered based on dollars per page NOT dollars per hour,

so you can maintain control your legal budget.