Sell Your Business

Navigating the intricate landscape of selling a business is a task that demands experience, foresight, and an acute understanding of both the legal and commercial realms. Located in the heart of New York and New Jersey, Wilkinson Law LLC specializes in guiding businesses through the multifaceted process of acquisitions, ensuring maximum value and a smooth transition. Our vast experience encompasses handling transactions for diverse clientele, from startups taking their first exit to established enterprises seeking strategic divestments. At every step, our commitment is to position your business optimally, safeguarding your interests and maximizing your returns.

Driving this mission forward is Attorney Anthony Wilkinson. His unique blend of an engineering background coupled with profound experience in business and technology law enables him to comprehend the intricacies of business acquisitions like few can. Whether it's evaluating the best strategy, understanding industry-specific nuances, or crafting meticulous agreements, Anthony's knowledge ensures that businesses acquisitions reflect their true worth and potential.

Over the years, we have gained in-depth knowledge about acquisitions. We have experience with buying and selling many types of companies, including these ten examples:

  1. A business selling technology services to facilitate online education.
  2. A business selling medical devices used for cosmetic surgery
  3. A hair salon
  4. A business operating websites for finding and booking travel arrangements.
  5. A mIlitary defense technology contractor
  6. A company offering IT consulting services
  7. A company selling children’s toys
  8. A pizzeria
  9. A dentist’s office
  10. A marina

Take the Next Step with Confidence:

Selling a business demands meticulous legal strategies, a profound grasp of market dynamics, and forward-thinking planning. When you collaborate with Wilkinson Law LLC for an acquisition, you're enlisting more than just legal support. You're aligning with a team steadfastly committed to ensuring your transaction is handled with the utmost care, always safeguarding your interests and aiming to maximize the transaction’s value. Attorney Anthony Wilkinson’s deep-rooted experience, combined with our dedicated team's insights, ensures the process is tackled with precision and strategic expertise. From integrating assets and evaluating potential risks to cementing favorable terms, Wilkinson Law LLC is here to guide and support every step of the way. Connect with us today to champion your business endeavors with unwavering legal knowledge and experience.