Protect Your Business

A business's most valuable assets are often those that can't be seen or touched. Attorney Anthony Wilkinson's background in both engineering and law makes him attuned to the needs of the firm's clients with regard to the protection of their intellectual property assets and essential business relationships. His decades of legal experience and attention to detail assure clients that valuable rights will be preserved.

Protecting Business Rights and Relationships

The days when a business agreement could be successfully reached with a discussion and sealed with a handshake are long in the past. Commerce is increasingly global, and the web of relationships that make that commerce possible grow ever more complex. Litigation in business diverts resources from a company's goals. Careful negotiation, drafting, and review of agreements can make rights and responsibilities of the parties clear, and prevent needless litigation.

Wilkinson Law LLC has helped numerous businesses define their obligations and rights, protecting their interests and preserving the critical relationships, both within and outside the company, that help them operate profitably. Among the services the firm has provided for clients are:

  • Review of corporate formation documents, bylaws, and resolutions
  • Negotiation and review of operating agreements
  • Review of non-competition and non-disclosure agreements
  • Advising stockholders regarding disputes with other owners of closely-held businesses
  • Negotiation and review of employment agreements, including executive employment agreements
  • Review of commercial real estate leases
  • Performing statutory, regulatory and case law research to advise clients on potential liability exposure
  • Comprehensive review and update of contracts between a company and its suppliers, service providers, employees and customers
  • Comprehensive review and restructuring of the corporate status, structure and ownership of a group of family-owned businesses

Protecting Brand Names and Intellectual Property

Wilkinson Law is available to represent clients regarding a range of trademark, licensing matters and other intellectual property issues, including:

  • Intellectual property assignment agreements
  • International and domestic trademark searches
  • Preparation, filing, prosecution of trademark applications for media technology companies, authors, entrepreneurs, and others
  • Maintenance of trademarks
  • Negotiation and review of trademark coexistence agreements
  • Advice regarding brand names
  • Development agreements
  • Consulting agreements
  • Master services agreements
  • Non-competition agreements
  • Review of regulations relating to patent rights
  • Review of intellectual property provisions of manufacturing agreements
  • Software as a service agreements (SaaS)
  • Software licensing agreements
  • Technology development agreements
  • Website terms of service and privacy policies

To learn more about the firm's services, please contact Wilkinson Law LLC to schedule a consultation.