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Anthony Wilkinson demonstrates his knowledge, experience, skills and competency by regularly sharing what he has learned with others.

  • Panel Presentation: “Crucial Technology Issues in Modern Law Practice - Handling and Protecting Documents, Communications and Client Data,” New Jersey Institute for Continuing Legal Education, July 2017
  • Panel Presentation: “The Paperless Office,” 2017 Solo and Small Firm North Jersey Conference for the New Jersey State Bar Association and New Jersey Institute for Continuing Legal Education, March 2017
  • Article: “Licensing a Trademark While Minimizing Exposure to Liability Arising from the Business Relationship with the Licensee” by Anthony Wilkinson and Lisa Gora, New Jersey State Bar Association Business Law Section Newsletter, Vol. 37, No. 3, January 2014
  • Panel Presentation: “Being a Better Steward with Ten Steps on Spending Less on Legal Professionals,” Star 99.1 Business Networking Seminar, November 2013
  • Panel Presentation: “The Doctors are in the House,” Program for Acceleration in Careers of Engineering, September 15, 2012
  • Article: “Exiting an LLC in New Jersey” by Anthony Wilkinson, WGS Newsletter, September 2012
  • Panel Presentation, “What are You going to do with Your Science or Engineering Degree?", Program for Acceleration in Careers of Engineering, March 24, 2012
  • Article: "Don't Let The Sun Set on Your Opportunity to Obtain a Grant for a Solar Installation" by Hesser McBride, Jr. and Anthony Wilkinson, WGS Real Property Newsletter, September 2011
  • Article: "Healthcare Reform - Impact on Employers" by Maureen Binetti and Anthony Wilkinson, Edison Chamber of Commerce, October 15, 2010
  • Panel Presentation: "Venture Capital Term Sheets" by Jeffrey Neu, Kevin Kuzas, Anthony Wilkinson, NJ Institute for Continuing Legal Education Seminar at Business Law Symposium, April 8, 2011
  • Article: “Protected Health Information and HITECH: How to Annihilate So as Not to Violate” by Anthony Wilkinson, New Jersey State Bar Association Health and Hospital Law Section Newsletter, March 2010
  • Article: "Piercing the Registrant’s Veil: Trademark Infringement on the Internet, Identifying and Pursuing Infringers, and the Pros and Cons of Proxy Domain Name Registration” by Brett Harris, Amanda Shechter and Anthony Wilkinson, New Jersey Lawyer Magazine, June 2009
  • Article: “Sale of a Distressed Healthcare Organization” by David Stein and Anthony Wilkinson, Volume 1 of materials for American Health Lawyers Association Annual Meeting, July 30 - July 2, 2008, San Francisco, California
  • Presentation: "Corporate Transparency Act" by Anthony Wilkinson for Wilkin & Guttenplan, July 2023

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