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  • Wilkinson Law partners with clients to strengthen their business relationships and to maximize their opportunities for growth, revenue and success.

  • Wilkinson Law helps clients to negotiate and prepare agreements to start and invest in business, to increase revenue, to reduce overhead and to protect business interests.

Wilkinson Law LLC

Wilkinson Law LLC, with offices in New York and New Jersey, represents clients who are startups and seed-stage companies, growth companies and established businesses, entrepreneurs and consultants, angel investors and venture capital portfolio companies.

As a business and technology attorney with an engineering background and experience in intellectual property, attorney Anthony Wilkinson, understands both the business and legal needs of the firm's clients. He is also attuned to the wide range of industries in which they operate, including architecture, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, technology, investing, and professional practice.

Wilkinson Law advises companies at every stage of development and transition, oversees intellectual property licensing agreements, and negotiates favorable terms for agreements both within and between companies. We offer clients skilled analysis and guidance for decision-making at critical junctures. Wilkinson Law is consistently focused on providing clarity for clients and making certain that in complex transactions, terms are favorable, and rights and responsibilities are well-defined.

Sophisticated Legal Advice for Complex Business Matters

Businesses form, develop, and evolve based on relationships. Wilkinson Law excels at resolving and preventing legal problems by understanding and leveraging relationships: between partners, between entrepreneurs and investors, and between companies and their vendors and clients. The firm is dedicated to fostering the relationships that will benefit clients, maximizing both their opportunities and revenues while minimizing their risk.

At Wilkinson Law, our role is to help keep your business and its relationships on TRACK, an acronym summarizing how we relate to our clients: Trustworthy, Reliable, Available, Caring, Knowledgeable. We want you to completely trust the advice you're given and to know that you can consistently rely on Wilkinson Law for your business's legal needs. We pride ourselves on being available when you have legal questions and concerns, responding quickly to calls and e-mails. At Wilkinson Law, we genuinely care about our clients and their businesses—not only the specific issue at hand, but the big picture and the long view. Last but not least, Wilkinson Law possesses the extensive knowledge of law, technology, and business that clients need to foster growth and success.

For all of these reasons, many of our clients choose to retain Wilkinson Law as their trusted outside general counsel, and attorney Anthony Wilkinson serves as principal legal advisor for companies in a wide spectrum of industries.

Wilkinson Law invites you to learn more about the firm’s representative projects and attorney Anthony Wilkinson.

About Mr. Wilkinson

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As a graduate of Yale Law School and a summa cum laude engineering graduate of the Univ. of Michigan, Mr. Wilkinson is an experienced, knowledgeable, versatile and practical attorney.
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