Our Story

Who are we? Why do we do what we do?

Our law firm gives business owners the advice and documents they desperately need to fund, grow, protect, and sell their businesses. This is what we do. Now let us share with you why we are so enthusiastic about helping as many business owners as we can.

Behind every business, there is at least one person who is driven to advance that business towards success. We care about that unique person's dreams and challenges.

Some know their business has a problem, but – for whatever reason – they choose to do nothing about it. Perhaps there are other priorities. Maybe they believe the chance of something bad happening is so low that it’s not worth it to address the problem. We help owners to understand their business risks.

Other owners know about a business problem, they want to solve it, but they don’t know how. “Where do I start? Can I do it on my own? Who can I turn to for help?” These questions cause paralysis, and the problem becomes worse. We offer practical strategies to solve business problems.

Finally, there are owners who know they have a business problem, want to solve it, AND they know how to solve it. But they are not ready to take action right now. They may need more money. Or perhaps they need a large block of “free time”. It could be that other stakeholders need to be persuaded. These attitudes lead to delay as the problem becomes more difficult. We know how to break overwhelming projects into small steps that can easily be achieved one at a time.

Our five core values make us different: Trustworthy. Reliable. Available. Caring. Knowledgeable (TRACK). To be “trustworthy” means we look not to our own interests, but to the interests of our clients. To be “reliable” means our “yes” means “yes.” We keep our commitments – even when it hurts. To be “available” means we are accessible to our clients on the same basis as our good friends. To “care” means we express compassion for our clients’ adverse situations, and we are willing to act to alleviate their anxiety and their pain. To be “knowledgeable” means we demonstrate learning and skill in the areas applicable to each client’s situation. Trustworthy. Reliable. Available. Caring. Knowledgeable. These five principles make us who we are at Wilkinson Law.

How Can We Help You Transform Your Business?

We have extensive knowledge and experience in offering the following services to business owners.

1. Raise Capital

2. Negotiate an Agreement among Owners

3. Incentivize Employees

4. Optimize Customer Agreements

5. Fix Defects in Corporate Records and Investor Documents

6. Protect Intellectual Property

7. Sell, Buy, or Transfer a Business